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Mission Statement

Wagener-Salley High School is committed to prepare students to become successful citizens and life-long learners by offering a challenging academic and career/technology program which fosters positive self-esteem, responsibility, mutual respect, and academic excellence through the efforts of the home, school, and community.

Our Philosophy

The faculty and administration of Wagener-Salley High School believe that the school exists for the welfare of the students. It is our responsibility to help all students reach their highest levels of academic achievement as they master basic skills and prepare to function as productive members of a rapidly changing society. We seek to provide a curriculum which envelopes opportunities for continuous intellectual, physical, moral, and social growth. We believe that all students should become an integral part of the total school program. In turn, these skills should provide the foundation for a self-reliant and self-confident adult who can function in a democratic society.

We believe the school is most effective when we have well-trained, enthusiastic teachers who can inspire students. Teachers should have a sincere concern for the students’ welfare and achievement. Teachers and administrators should be mutually supportive, cooperative, and responsive to suggestions from each other. The school should supply a flexible educational program that will meet the changing needs of a technologically oriented society.

We believe that education is a shared responsibility among family, school, and community and that the worth of the school’s program is determined by its value to the students and community. Therefore, we encourage parents and citizens to continually assess this value and to provide input in all facets of planning the school’s program.